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Oxidative or respiratory burst plays an important role in host innate immune response by generating Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) against invading microorganisms.  Enzyme deficiency in the oxidative burst pathway that result in decreased ROS production leads to an inherited disorder known as Chronic Granulomatous Diseases (CGD). Assessment of ROS production in polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMN) therefore aids in the diagnosis of CGD and to evaluate PMN function/ ROS production in conditions such as sepsis, shock and response to chemotherapy where immune response may be altered.

Coagulation Testing

Coagulation Testing provides insight into patients’ risks for bleeding, thrombosis, and vascular inflammation.  The CirQuest Labs team is built upon three decades of expertise in this essential component of clinical studies. Learn more in this White Paper.

Functional and Phenotypic Microparticle Analysis

CirQuest is capable of customizing functional and phenotypic microparticle analysis of research and clinical trial samples to meet clients’ needs. Learn more on the subject by reading our White Paper.

Light Transmission and Luminescence Aggregometry

Light Transmission Aggregometry is still considered the gold-standandared for assessing platelet function and diagnosing platelet function defects. Light Transmission Aggregometry in combination with adenine meclotide sertum measurements using luminescence. Learn more about light transmission and luminescence aggregometry in this White Paper.  

Platelet Function Analyzed by Flow Cytometry

Platelet Function using flow cytometry can evaluate the extent of platelet activation and platelet response to exogenous agonists or investigational drugs. Learn more on this method by reading our White Paper. 

Platelet-Leukocyte Aggregate Testing

With growing evidence implicating platelet activation in the progression of inflammatory and thrombotic conditions, enlist our experts to evaluate Platelet-Leukocyte Aggregates as a stable biomarker for monitoring new therapeutic strategies. Learn more on the subject by reading this White Paper.

Specialty Platelet Testing

At CirQuest our expertise in specialty platelet testing will complement your drug research and discovery requirements, pre-clinical testing, and clinical trials.  We offer assay development, specialty formats, and on-site assessments tailored to your project needs. Learn more on the subject by reading our White Paper .

Thrombin Generation Assay

The Thrombin Generation Assay is a global test that measures Thrombin Generation in cell-free plasma or platelet-rich plasma after initiation of the coagulation cascade. Read about our expertise with this assay in this White Paper. 

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