CirQuest Labs Expands Molecular Oncology and Companion Testing Services CirQuest Oncology Division

CirQuest Labs (Memphis, TN) announces a substantial advance in the specialized laboratory services area. Expanding upon its established skills in cardiovascular disease and immunohematology, CirQuest now provides the latest techniques in oncology research and development and extensive companion testing in the clinical oncology field. Companion biomarker testing emphasizes new and developing technology platforms designed to aid in the advancement of drugs for patient care. According to Lisa Jennings, PhD, Founder and CEO of CirQuest Labs, “the use of companion testing has the potential to yield safer and more efficacious drugs, while reducing clinical trial and development costs. This technology enables substantial headway to be made in “Go/No Go” decision making.”

CirQuest Oncology Panel:

– Multiple Array Technologies – Viral Load Assessment – qRT-PCR – Genome-wide Microarrays – Next Generation Sequencing – Epigenetic Study Support (methylated DNA and microRNAs arrays) – Genetic Variation and Mutation Assays – Flow Cytometry (antigen detection, absolute cell counts, cell signaling, DNA analysis, immunophenotyping) – Soluble Biomarkers (cytokines, chemokine, MMPs, MP) – Cancer-Platelet Interactions (static and microfluidic assays) – Cell Migration and Invasion Assays – 3D Tissue Culture Expertise – Immunoprecipitations, SDS/PAGE, Western blot – Complete Histopathology Analysis (tissue biomarkers)

CirQuest Oncology provides significant enhancements to the broad services portfolio of scientific and laboratory expertise that we bring to research and development on behalf of our clients,” said Jennings.

CirQuest Labs, founded in 2008, continues to expand services to provide precision testing in medical specialties and to meet the increasing need for companion diagnostics, specialized testing, and clinical trial laboratory support services. CirQuest Labs is a leading global provider of specialized life science services. Core experience and expertise are in the vascular and tumor cell biology areas, including hemostasis, thrombosis, and immunohematology. CirQuest offers a broad spectrum of cellular and soluble biomarker analyses in many health-related disciplines. Other divisions within the company include global clinical trial support services and biologistics, including sample storage.

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