CirQuest Labs Expanding Predictive Laboratory Analytic Capabilities

CirQuest Labs is expanding predictive laboratory analytic capabilities to meet the growing needs of clients seeking to determine how persons’ genetic differences may affect their response to drug therapy. The breakthrough analytical technology and companion bioinformatics makes it possible to determine the effects of genetic variation on drug efficiency, drug metabolism and drug toxicity early in the drug development process.

The technology, in partnership with Varigenix, employs large panels of cultured hepatocytes (liver cells) that have genetic variation characteristics that are comparable to large human populations. Varigenix, guided by President and CEO, Robert E. Scott, MD, is a systems genetics-based company focused on the importance of genetic variation in drug development and drug testing. The use of this new approach to pharmacogenomic and toxicogenomic studies is also designed to help make drug development more efficient and more predictive of clinical outcomes.

“Biotech and pharmaceutical companies are shifting their strategies to reduce attrition and increase the potential for drug efficacy by incorporating genomics into their drug discovery and development practices. Potential uses of this technology include the evaluation of genetic variation in drug development and drug metabolism as well as a wide range of pharmacogenomic and toxicogenomics applications. Utilizing this technology will help determine the drug candidates that may have the greatest potential for clinical success”, said Lisa K. Jennings, PhD, CEO of CirQuest Labs. “Continuing to expand our capabilities to perform additional highly specialized lab services gives clients greater flexibility and efficiency in testing their products”.

CirQuest Labs is a leading global provider of specialized life science services. Core experience and expertise are in the vascular and tumor cell biology areas, including hemostasis, thrombosis, and immunohematology. CirQuest offers a broad spectrum of cellular and soluble biomarker analyses in many health-related disciplines. Other divisions within the company include global clinical trial support services and biologistics, including sample storage.

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