Juan Cardenas, PhD


Dr. Cardenas-Mora graduated as a microbiologist from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. To further his research experience, he interned at the National Institute of Health in the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases department where his worked aimed at understanding papilloma virus retention, and started his endeavor in cancer research with cervical carcinoma. He them moved to Lafayette, Indiana to pursue a doctorate in cancer cell biology at Purdue University.

​Under the guidance of Dr. Sophie Lelievre, Dr. Cardenas worked

with state of the art 3D cell culture technology to investigate how our diets could cause alterations in the epithelium that could lead to cancer. Thanks to 3D cell culture, model cell lines more accurate mimic their behavior and organization in the body, making the screening of different compounds much more accurate before moving into animal models.

At CirQuest Labs Dr. Cardenas is working with multiple clients to ensure their drug discovery demands are met and constant reliable data be provided to move forward in the goal toward eradicating cancer. Dr. Cardenas not only works with new hematologic cancer drugs, but provides management and logistic solution for the biostorage of samples from multiple drug discovery studies.

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