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Flow Cytometry

CirQuest Labs is experienced in flow cytometric analyses of blood cells, primary cells, and immortalized cells from human and non-human origin. We can detect antigen expression using both conjugated and non-conjugated primary antibodies, as well as perform other assays for cell signaling, cell cycle analysis, immunophenotyping, phosphoprotein expression, and microparticles. Our Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur DxP6 flow cytometer is equipped with two solid-state lasers, and has the capability to analyze six channels of fluorescence simultaneously. Data are collected using FlowJo Collectors’ Edition software, and data analysis is performed using FlowJo version X.0.7 (Ashland, OR). The FlowJo software also provides the capability to run kinetics experiments.

To discuss how we can assist your organization with flow cytometry services, please contact us today.

CirQuest’s flow cytometry tests include:

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