Clinical Trial Services

Our Navigators provide clients with a flexible and fully customized approach to improve cycle times, constrain costs and reduce risks. We specialize in the planning, management, execution, and analysis of clinical trials at any stage.

The Clinical Trials Division at CirQuest offers outpatient clinical research services with the capability of performing an extensive range of on-site specialty biomarker testing including platelet function and coagulation testing. As a component of our company mission, we excel in contributing to the evidence healthcare providers need to prescribe a drug with confidence based on a better understanding of its pharmacodynamic properties or mechanism of action.  Our staff is focused on quality and efficient work, and vigilant for potential risks and roadblocks capable of impeding a project. 

Memphis has a diverse demographic often referred to as the "buckle" within the infamous “stroke belt”, a name given to a region of the United States identified by public health authorities for having an unusually high incidence of stroke and other forms of cardiovascular diseases. Thus, we have a broad resource of not only healthy individuals, but also those who may qualify for trials targeting a specific disease state or demographic.  Through our collaboration with local private practice physician groups, large outpatient clinics and media advertisement, CirQuest has a concerted network for subject recruitment.  Physician investigators for our studies may be within these practices or in-house. Our Medical Director is experienced in outpatient clinical trials and is board-certified in Internal Medicine. 

CirQuest has experience in research and development projects and clinical trials investigating vascular diseases such as coronary and peripheral artery disease, hypertension, heart failure, and stroke, as well as hematological diseases. Our clinical research team has additional experience in areas such as bariatrics, rheumatology, and obstetrics/gynecology. We also collaborate with sponsors or clinical investigators who have interest in other diseases or drugs that may have indicators of platelet or coagulation dysfunction.



  • Industry-sponsored or investigator-initiated outpatient research

  • In-house contracting and budget negotiation

  • Central IRB submission

  • Regulatory management

  • Advertising and recruitment

  • Physician oversight

  • Research coordinator and nursing staff

  • Phlebotomy staff and lab testing

  • Experienced support for protocol development and study design of investigator-initiated research


Research Space:

  • Convenient, comfortable location for participants;

  • Exam and phlebotomy rooms;

  • Snacks or meals provided, if scheduled;

  • 24 hour secure, temperature-controlled space for storage of investigational product;

  • Laboratory services (see below)

  • Extensive sample management and biostorage capabilities with secure 24 hr monitoring and generator back-up

Laboratory Services:

  • Hematologic Testing

  • Coagulation Testing

  • Platelet function Testing

  • Flow Cytometry (cell surface antigens, proliferation, apoptosis, MRD, signaling pathways, receptor occupancy, drug-dependent antibody, etc.)

  • PBMC Isolation

  • SDS-PAGE and Western blot

  • ELISA (biomarkers)

  • Multi-plex

  • Urinalysis

  • Safety Sample Collection, Processing, and Coordinated Outsourcing to Local Clinical Lab

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