Assay Development 

CirQuest Labs assay development and screening division offers an exceptional combination of cell biology expertise with state-of-the-art instrumentation to provide services designed to meet your project requirements and timelines.

One of the first steps in drug development is creating a test system or assay to evaluate the effects of candidate drugs – small molecule or biologics-  on cellular, molecular or biochemical processes that are relevant to the targeted clinical need.


CirQuest scientists help develop or optimize assays to evaluate potential therapeutic candidates. Specific capabilities include assay design, optimization, evaluation, qualification, and validation. We have successfully assisted clients with 510 (k) and PMA FDA regulatory submission and approvals. 


CirQuest Labs develops and executes > 500 different assays covering an extensive range of target classes and is a Good Laboratory Practices (cGLP) compliant and current CLIA approved laboratory.


We have broad expertise in developing routine or custom biochemical and cellular assays for:


Platelet Function


Leukocyte Function

Endothelial Cell Function

Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Function

Hematologic Diseases


Cardiovascular Disease including Heart Failure


Peripheral Arterial Disease


Kinases and other signaling pathways

G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs)



Beyond the target family expertise, our scientists regularly develop assays for novel targets or pathways to meet your discovery or screening needs. Sponsors can select our assay development service or transfer their own assays to us to host as a Central Laboratory.


The identification and use of predictive biomarker assays have become an integral part of the drug discovery and development process. CirQuest Labs is an industry leader in biomarker identification and assay development across a range of therapeutic areas.

Specialized Life Science Services

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